Rakhi Special

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Specially designed for her,

Plants that water themselves.
A fuss-free way to brighten
your sister’s desk!

Whats in the package:

  1. A Self Watering Planter, with complete instructions
  2. A bag of Organic Growing Medium
  3. A message card for those sweet nothings
  4. Complimentary plant (for Bangaloreans)

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Grow Love  Self-watering planters !

Because everyone deserves a little bit of nature on their desks


Mimics Nature

Self watering technology inspired by nature. Just fill the lower cup with water and relax. Your plant will remain hydrated upto 5 days (depending on your plant type & location) 

Complete Care Kit

Comes with a growing medium designed to keep your plants nourished and happy.

Baked with Love

Each pot is hand-crafted by a bunch of dreamy people who believe in the romance of making things with hands

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Monthly Plantoscope – Aries



Our in-house (jobless) astrologers have found the perfect match for your Aries friend – GrowLove with Mother-in-law’s tongue plant (we swear we didn’t make that name up!)

Aries are courageous
Heroes unsung
Their minds are razor sharp
Like the Mother-in-law’s tongue!



Like to eat your plants? We have something for you too :)

Great for growing micro-greens, salad greens and herbs. These are self-watering mini herb gardens.

What you get in the kit:

  • A Self Watering Herb Garden (Just fill water once a week in the inbuilt reservoir and watch your plants grow )
  • A bag of Growing Medium
  • Micro-green seed kit to get you started right away.Size: 16” L x 6” B x 7” H

Discover sweet spots

Watch those little corners that never mattered come to life with GrowLove!

The science behind love ;-)

Time for biology lessons! Plants have the natural capacity to suck water from the water table when they are thirsty, through the medium of soil. That’s what we are mimicking in our planters.

Looking for a match?

Wondering what you can grow? We have some plant suggestions that look great on our planters and also grow well in them.

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