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What is Moss?

Moss is one of nature’s wonder plants. It’s a special kind of plant that takes water directly from the moisture in the air. Hence they do not require any root watering. Moss is used as no maintenance vertical garden tiles or panels because of this unique property.

What is Reindeer Moss or Icelandic Moss?

Reindeer moss is one of the most popular variants of moss or lichen in nature. It is also popularly called as icelandic moss. It is used primarily in Interior design industry

How come moss requires no maintenance at all?

Moss by nature is of low maintenance. And on top of it, we subject natural raw moss to a process called Stabilization. This proprietary process of Greenopia makes moss stay fresh and supple for years together without any watering or maintenance.

Is moss available in different colors?
Yes, moss is colored naturally using organic food dyes and edible colors. The most natural looking moss is our shade called Forest green.

What shape and size are available in Greenopia moss panels?
We can make moss in all shapes and sizes as per your design. The standard size is 1 ft x 2 ft panel. But we can always design custom panels or tiles as per your design requirements.

Does moss have roots?
They have primitive roots only for the purpose of sticking onto trees, rocks or barks. Although they grow on other organisms such as tree barks, they are not parasitic in nature. They use them only for structural support.

Is Moss Natural?
Yes, greenopia moss wall panels are made from 100% natural moss. The entire process is skillfully handmade by our trained moss specialists.

Does moss require sunlight?
No, Moss walls cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. UV rays destabilize Moss. Hence it is meant for interior use only.

Do Moss walls require Air conditioning (AC)?
Air conditioning is not a mandatory condition for moss walls. But it is good to have feature. ACs maintain constant humidity in the room and that benefits Moss. But even without AC, the average humidity in India is within the recommended range of 40% to 90% relative humidity

What humidity is required for moss?
Moss requires a relative humidity of atmosphere to be between 40% to 90% RH. We recommend a minimum of 50% to be on the extra safe side.

Does Moss do well in India?
Yes, if the prerequisite conditions are strictly maintained, then moss does very well in Indian conditions. Most parts of India falls under the required relative humidity of 40% to 90% range. And thus it is suitable for moss walls.

More questions?
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