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Why Greenopia Green Gifts?

Gift New!

Why gift just a potted plant when you can gift a fridge magentic planter or a living photo frame. Green gifts, reimagined!

Flight-Safe Packaging

Eco-friendly gifts that are no flight-shy. Time tested flight and courier safe packaging as an add-on service.

Brand Customisable

All our adorable products can be customised with your brand right from its outer box to the adorable product inside.

Flight Safe

Flight-Safe / Courier Safe Packaging

We pioneer the art of packing a live plant to withstand the throwing, toppling and possible somersaults of a typical courier transit. Thereby they are also super-safe to carry in flights with no spillage mess. 

Our clients call this ‘Flight Safe Packaging’.
We call it marriage between plant science and material science. 

A Living Frame that Asks Nothing in Return.

Living Frames is Greenopia’s trademark product. Handcrafted photo frames lined with Icelandic reindeer moss becomes the only plant product that can be boxed for almost a year without any maintenance whatsoever. 

Ideal for employee on-boarding kits, employee milestone gifts, plaques and lots more. We customise to your requirements. 

Moss Living frame 02

FAQ on Eco-Friendly Gifts

Moss is one of nature’s wonder plants. It’s a special kind of plant that takes water directly from the moisture in the air. Hence they do not require any root watering. Moss is used as no maintenance vertical garden tiles or panels because of this unique property.

Moss by nature is of low maintenance. And on top of it, we subject natural raw moss to a process called Stabilization. This proprietary process of Greenopia makes moss stay fresh and supple for years together without any watering or maintenance.


Yes, greenopia moss wall panels are made from 100% natural moss. The entire process is skillfully handmade by our trained moss specialists.

Yes, if the prerequisite conditions are strictly maintained, then moss does very well in Indian conditions. Most parts of India falls under the required relative humidity of 40% to 90% range. And thus it is suitable for moss walls.

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