Stick-It, the Fridge Magnet Planter

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Meet Stick-It, one of our bestsellers and a Pinterest worthy product for you

  • Magnetic Planter for Bamboos
  • Sticks to the fridge door or any metal surface
  • Comes with bamboo shoot. Just add water.
  • No soil. No mess. No spillage.
  • Courier safe packaging.

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In an urban jungle there lies a little corner in your house for this one-of-a-kind magnetic bamboo planter. It sticks on to any metallic surface. Grows just with water. No soil to mess up your interiors. And looks like someone finally made a pinterest worthy product just for your fridge door. Meet our favorite STICK IT, the magentic bamboo planter.

Some call it as test tube planter or bamboo planter or fridge magnetic planters. We call it the uber-cool planter.
Handcrafted with pine wood, quartz glass and high quality magnets. Comes packed in our unique moisture retention vials, so that the bamboo shoot is fresh and hydrated when it reaches you via courier. Ideal as a gift to someone.

stickIT - fridge magnet planter 02 stickIT - fridge magnet planter opened box stickIT - fridge magnet planter instructions Stick IT - fridge magnet planter_ 6

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 5 in
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