GrowLove Self Watering Systems for Desks

GrowLove Self-Watering Systems are the easiest way to bring some plant-cheer to your desk! Just fill water and go on a holiday! These are handmade from high quality stoneware ceramic and slow-baked in traditional wood-fired furnaces. Makes them a collector’s delight!



The science behind love


How it works? GrowLove mimics nature. The base cup acts like a mini ‘water table’, storing water. When plants are thirsty, they ‘sip’ water from it, through the wicks and growing medium. Just as they do in nature from water table.

The growing medium is specially designed to hold moisture and air, even after the base cup goes dry. And it does not use ordinary ground soil, so does not attract any insects!

How to use? Just fill the base cup and relax! Your plants will remain hydrated for upto 2 weeks (depending on plant type and location).

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Pick with any air-cleaning plant. It’s complimentary!


The right kind of plant can make all the difference. We’ve researched and curated a set of plants that can grow indoors, look beautiful and clean harmful toxins from the air! And they come complimentary, to get you started in a jiffy!

If you’re new to plants, don’t worry! We send specific, easy-to-understand plant-care instructions on your email and are always up for any questions.

To all major cities in India. Ships within 48-72 hours of order placement.


Questions in your mind?


I’d love to GrowLove but I’m not sure how to take care of these plants.
We’ve specially curated plants which are not very fussy, but plants being plants still requite some love and care. So when you buy from us, we send you an email with a guide on how to care for the plant you’ve chosen. If you have any other questions about your plant, ask us here.
Do all these plants grow indoors?
Yes. Most of them are happy in a spot where you get enough daylight to read a newspaper clearly without switching on artificial lights. Some like Flamingo Flower will be happier near a slightly brighter spot. But none of these plants need direct sunlight. Don’t worry, we will send you email with all the care-details about your plant.
How often will I have to fill the base cup with water?
The first time, you have to water from the top till you see water dripping into the base cup. After that you just have to fill the base cup with water. Most of these plants need refill once in two weeks. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email about typical refill frequency for your plant. However, a general rule of thumb is – when you start seeing the top half inch of the growing medium dry, that’s the time to refill.

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