Self watering Salad Garden

Grow your own micro-greens, salad leaves and herbs

The Self Watering Salad Garden makes delicate greens so easy, you just can’t stop trying different things out. Microgreens, Lettuce, Spinach, Coriander, Rocket, Basil, Mint – there’s so much fun waiting! Just fill water in the reservoir about once a week and watch your greens grow lush.


Get one, keep harvesting!

Ready-to-grow kit comes with a bag of growing medium, starter seeds and a seed-sheet. A graphically illustrated guide makes it even easier to use. And guides you, based on your experience level, what other greens you can grow.


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It really is simple. Watch!


Questions in your mind?


How much water should I fill at a time?
Fill water till the water level indicator reads ‘max’. Filling more water than this can disrupt air-water balance.
How often will I need to refill water?
The water level indicator shows how much water remains in the tank. Even when it hits the ‘min’ mark, the growing medium still holds residual moisture which can keep your plants hydrated for another few days.Usually this means refilling once a week, except in harsh summers when it may need refilling once in 4-5 days. When in doubt, touch the top soil and if it is moist enough for some grains to stick to your fingers, then you can wait.
I’m new to salad gardening and a bit nervous!
You’ve come to the right place. The ready-to-grow kit is designed in a way that even beginners understand it easily. The accompanying manual is graphically illustrated to help you understand each step of growing. And if you have any other questions, we’re just an email away! If you’re still apprehensive, get a free consultation from us about beginner-friendly greens.</a>
What all can I grow in it?
You can grow most salad greens (like rocket, lettuce, spinach), herbs (like basil, coriander, dill, mint), medicinals (like Wheatgrass, Brahmi). The manual we send along, guides you on which greens you can grow, based on your experience, so enjoy the long way!
Is it safe?
Absolutely! Your Salad Garden is made up of food-safe, UV resistant plastic.

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