Moss Walls – No Maintenance Indoor Green walls

Makers of India's First Moss wall to go live. Made from 100% real Iceland moss that needs no watering or sunlight ever.
Moss wall in Bangalore India by greenopia

Corporate Green Gifts

We make gifting plants a beautiful, high brand-recall experience.
grene corporate gifts from greenopia 01

Moss Living Frames

An evergreen frame for evergreen memories. Lined with a special moss-grass that needs no watering ever!
Moss Living Frames

Zen Bottles – Succulents in a jar

We love succulents! Succulents are tiny plants that are super cute, super low maintenance, and bring instant Zen to work desks! Most of them originated in deserts – so they don’t like too much water. That’s why your Zen Bottles come with well-draining soil and pebbles – ┬ákeeps the plant happy and looks beautiful too!...
Succulents in a jar - zen bottles

Self watering Salad Garden

The easiest way to grow micro-greens, salad greens and herbs
Self watering Herb Garden - Greenopia.co

GrowLove Self Watering Systems for Desks

Beautiful, handcrafted stoneware planters that water your plants even when you're away.
GrowLove Self Watering Systems for Desks