This Valentine’s Grow Love!

Self-watering vase designed to water your flowers even when you’re away.

Comes with heart-shaped Flamingo Flowers for Valentine’s. Add a personalised digital love note with your very own secret code 😉

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All orders within Bangalore will be hand-delivered on 14th Feb 2017. Orders outside Bangalore take 3-4 days to reach any major city. Call us on +91 97419 92909 for any special delivery date requests..

Love lies in the details!

Every element of GrowLove is thought through to make your Valentine’s experience memorable. Here’s what you get:


SecretMessagePhoto 16x9

Digital Love Note, with secret access code.

Write your own love note. We’ll digitise it and print an ‘access code’ on your gift. That’s a love letter that lasts in the servers forever, only for two pairs of eyes 🙂

See how it works here


Waters Itself! Makes growing flowers easy!

Just fill the base cup with water and go on a holiday.It acts as a mini water table from which your plant draws water using capillary action. Keeps it hydrated for upto 10 days.


Heart-shaped Flamingo Flowers that purify air!

With heart-shaped flowers in brilliant red, it is as if these were designed by nature for Love. Flamingoes are also certified by NASA as air-cleaning plants. That’s Love in the air, literally!


All orders will start shipping 8th Feb’17 onwards. It takes 3-4 days to reach to any major city in India.
Want them to be shipped on a specific date? Write to us at Or call on 9620583959.

is viagra right for me. How the digital love note works

  1. Buy the product and get an email from us with the subject ‘Send us your digital love note’. (If you don’t receive an email within 12 hours, check your spam folder.)
  2. Send us your love note as a reply to the email.
  3. Sit back and let the magic happen!
  4. We print a unique access code on your gift
  5. The recipient types the access code on a tiny url mentioned on the gift. Voila! S(he) sees your note and falls in love with it! (Don’t worry, the product-instructions are simple enough for them to know what to do 🙂 )

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