A dreamy world of succulent terrariums. Gorgeously landscaped in 3 themes – Jungle, Snowland, and Desert. Hang them near a window or keep them on your desk and bring instant magic to dull corners!

Succulents are super low maintenance plants that need just a few squeezes of water once a week and a bright indoor spot. Get crystal clear care instructions with the terrariums.

Also Introducing Airplant Terrariums

Nature’s Wonder Plants!

Airplants grow, well, in air ! Natives to South America, these are found on tree-tops, need no soil, and absorb moisture from the air. That makes them the world’s easiest plants to maintain!

Just submerge them in water once a week for an hour. Get all the details in a care card inside.

FREE Delivery. Currently available ONLY in Bangalore. Dispatched within 2 working days of order placement.

Questions in your mind?

What are terrariums?
Terrariums are plants in a glass enclosure. Typically they are arranged artistically or mimic landscapes. Each terrarium is composed by our in-house terrarium artists to look aesthetic.
Do plants in terrariums need special care?
No. We have chosen low maintenance plants like succulents and airplants and they don’t need any more attention than if they were in regular pots. If you’re new to plants, there is a detailed plant-care card inside that will help you. Our plant experts will be happy to guide you even after purchase at hello@greenopia.co
What are succulents?
Succulents are plants that have adapted to grow in environments where there is little water available – like drylands or high mountains. That’s why they need very little watering and attention. Perfect for busy lives.
What are airplants?
Airplants are natives to South America and grow on tree barks. They have ‘aerial roots’ and don’t need any soil. They take most of their moisture from the air. In Indian climates, they just need an hour’s soaking in water once in a week or two, depending on weather is hot or humid. That makes them world’s least maintenance plants.
Can my terrariums be indoors?
Yes. These terrariums do well in any indoor space that is well ventilated and gets enough natural light to read a newspaper clearly without needing to switch artificial lights on. Succulent terrariums can also be hung near windows.
Do you also make them for bulk/corporate orders?
Yes. Contact us at mani@greenopia.co. Airplane terrariums can be shipped across India. Succulent terrariums are currently available only for Bangalore.
How long before the plants outgrow the terrarium?
Airplants and most succulents are slow growing species, so if given proper environment, they can remain in terrarium glasses for more than a year, especially airplants that can go easily for a couple of years.

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