Moss Walls – No Maintenance Indoor Green walls

If you love green walls but find it a pain to maintain them, this is your wish answered! Made from 100% real, Icelandic moss that needs no watering ever!


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Moss walls in India by Greenopia


Sounds too good to be true?

Because there is science at work. This moss plant is stabilized – it does not grow any further. It takes all the moisture it needs from the air. It does not need any sunlight in this state.

More than just pretty

Cleans air of urban pollutants such as Ammonia, Acetaldehyde etc
Reduces ambient noise
Non-invasive to walls


Interested in getting this installed at your office or home?

or call us at (+91) 974-199-2909


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We had a very good response for Zen Bottles. It was received very well by all clients and speakers and we will definitely connect with them for future engagements

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