Evergreen frames for evergreen memories

A truly unique collection of wooden photo-frames lined with real moss-grass that needs no watering ever! Absorbs moisture from the air and needs no sunlight too. Found by our plant scientists all the way from Scandinavia. Keeps your memories green, no matter how busy life gets!

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Looking to gift someone special?

We can customise it with their picture. Just choose the ‘Gift with custom photo’ option below and send us their picture on the email you’ll receive. Send them something they’ve never seen before!

FREE All-India Shipping. Dispatched within 24 hours of order placement.

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Here’s the unboxing experience



Questions in your mind?

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How do these moss-grasses survive without water and soil?
These are special kind of mosses that absorb moisture from the air. They typically grow on tree barks under shade in forests. They have no ‘roots’ and need no soil. Most normal indoor environments provide them enough moisture, except in extreme dry/ semi arid environments. They are totally fuss-free, thus making them ideal companions for the busy urban lifestyle.
Do they need sunlight to survive?
No! Direct sunlight can discolour them. Remember their natural habitat? Under the shade of trees! So any other cozy corner that does not get direct or harsh sun is perfect. That’s great because where nothing else survives, moss-grass will! For eg. in typical air-conditioned office environments that get low natural light.
How long can it stay in the box?
They can stay in a box for months together without any damage to them. Just remember that if you are storing them as it is in a cardboard box, you might notice moisture from the moss making the cardboard soggy after a week or so.
Do you do bulk orders for this as corporate gifts?
Yes, we specialise in Green gifting and can customise them and ship them safely anywhere in India. Just drop a mail to manihk@greenopia.co for our corporate sales team to get in touch with you.
Are moss plants safe for children?
Absolutely! Your moss frames are tested to be hypoallergenic for both humans and pets.
Do they grow any further?
No. These are in a ‘dormant’ state so they don’t grow any further.

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