Colour changing plant – A magical Valentine’s gift!

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Nature, like love, has many magical secrets! From the heart of South Africa, we bring to you this tiny succulent that changes colour from green to red when exposed to sunshine. It starts turning green again when brought indoors. Sure to make your loved one go awww!



All orders within Bangalore will be hand-delivered on 14th Feb 2017. Orders outside Bangalore take 3-4 days to reach any major city. Call us on +91 97419 92909 for any special delivery date requests.

What makes it totally gift-worthy?


Perfect for desks

The succulent is planted in a see-through glass jar, with decorative pebbles. Not only does that look beautiful, but also makes sure that all the extra water drains between the pebbles. No spilling or dirtying. Perfect to sit on your beloved’s work desks and remind them of you!


Aesthetically Packaged, with handwritten personal note

Comes packaged in a plant-friendly box, with clean, elegant branding*. With the option of including a handwritten note to add some more warmth!

*This succulent is part of the brand Zen Bottles’ by Greenopia, and is a Valentine’s special. Zen Bottles is a range of gorgeous succulents planted in glass jars, designed for gifting. 


Super Low Maintenance

Never grown a plant in your life? No worries! This plant is not fussy. All it wants is a bright indoor/outdoor spot, and very little watering, once a week. You’ll also receive really easy-to-understand care instructions.

How to add your personal, handwritten note

  1. After you place the order, you’ll receive an email asking for your personal message
  2. Reply to the email with your personal message
  3. We’ll make sure it goes in a beautiful, handwritten note
  4. If you want to write it yourself, don’t reply to the email. By default, you’ll receive a blank card on which you can write your note yourself

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