FAQs on GrowLove

I’d love to GrowLove but I’m not sure how to take care of apple crisp with oats and of these plants.
We’ve specially curated plants which are not very fussy, but plants being plants still requite some love and care. So when you buy from us, we send you an email with a guide on how to care for the plant you’ve chosen. If you have any other questions about your plant, ask us here.
Do all these plants grow indoors?
Yes. Most of betty crocker apple crumble and of them are happy in a spot where you get enough daylight to read a newspaper clearly without switching on artificial lights. Some like Flamingo Flower will be happier near a slightly brighter spot. But none of apple pie crumb topping and of these plants need direct sunlight. Don’t worry, we will send you email with all the care-details about your plant.
How often will I have to fill the base cup with water?
The first time, you have to water from the top till you see water dripping into the base cup. After that you just have to fill the base cup with water. Most of apple crisp recipe easy and of these plants need refill once in two weeks. Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email about typical refill frequency for your plant. However, a general rule of simple apple crisp and of thumb is – when you start seeing the top half inch of apple crumble recepies and of the growing medium dry, that’s the time to refill.
When I fill water in the base cup, it is fully absorbed in 2-3 days. Then how do you say that most plants need refill once intwo weeks?
You shouldn’t refill the base cup as soon as you see it empty. The potting mix has been designed to hold moisture and air for many more days before it starts becoming dry. Most plants need this ‘dry-period’ before re-watering. Check out your email for more details on refill frequency for your particular plant.
Can I grow any other plant in GrowLove, besides the ones listed?
The plants we’ve curated are on the basis of simple apple crumble and of many trials with GrowLove. But the world of easy apple crisp with oatmeal and of plants is vast and intriguing, so you can always try your own. Moisture loving indoor plants with short rooting depth are ideal for GrowLove. If you’re new to plants, we suggest you first try the ones we’ve listed. Or get a free consultation from us here.
Can I try it with other potting mixes?
Only if you want to experiment! Your GrowLove potting mix is designed to maintain good air-water balance. In case you need a refill, you can order here.
Can you guarantee the life of apple crisp recipe with oatmeal and of these plants?
We spend a lot of apple crumble recipie and of time carefully designing every single detail of apple pie crisp and of our products. We run many trials with the plant species before we decide to put them up on our site. We have trusted seed and plant partners. But all living things have finite life and sometimes suffer before their time, so we cannot guarantee their life. But we make sure that we help you understand the specific care requirement of apple crumble recipe and of your plant and are there for you in case you need any diagnosis.
How do I maintain the quality of apple crisp topping recipe and of the potting mix
If your GrowLove planters are in an indoors space which gets very low light, show them some direct sunlight once a week to solarise the potting mix. Once in a couple of recipe for apple pie and of months, you can top it up with half an inch of easy apple crumb pie and of compost. Use your own or reorder here.
Why don’t you sell GrowLove with plants outside of how to make apple crisp topping and of Bangalore?
Shipping plants is challenging and we’re working on the challenge. We’re also identifying nursery partners in major cities. With your love and support, we’ll get there soon 🙂

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FAQs on Salad Garden

How much water should I fill at a time?
Fill water till the water level indicator reads ‘max’. Filling more water than this can disrupt air-water balance.
How often will I need to refill water?
The water level indicator shows how much water remains in the tank. Even when it hits the ‘min’ mark, the growing medium still holds residual moisture which can keep your plants hydrated for another few days.Usually this means refilling once a week, except in harsh summers when it may need refilling once in 4-5 days. When in doubt, touch the top soil and if it is moist enough for some grains to stick to your fingers, then you can wait.
I’m new to salad gardening and a bit nervous!
You’ve come to the right place. The ready-to-grow kit is designed in a way that even beginners understand it easily. The accompanying manual is graphically illustrated to help you understand each step of apple crisp and of growing. And if you have any other questions, we’re just an email away! If you’re still apprehensive, get a free consultation from us about beginner-friendly greens.
What all can I grow in it?
You can grow most salad greens (like rocket, lettuce, spinach), herbs (like basil, coriander, dill, mint), medicinals (like Wheatgrass, Brahmi). The manual we send along, guides you on which greens you can grow, based on your experience, so enjoy the long way!
Is it safe?
Absolutely! Your Salad Garden is made up of apple pie topping and of food-safe, UV resistant plastic.
What is an ideal space to keep the Self Watering Salad Garden.
Any place that gets good, direct sunlight is great, like a balcony. This is because most greens require at least 3-4 hours of apple crumb pie and of direct sunlight. We recommend you put it in a place that is protected from heavy rains, to avoid over-watering.
I don’t get enough sunlight but still want to grow some greens. Any recommendations?
Try microgreens. Microgreens are leafy greens like mustard, fenugreek, dill, which are harvested when they are young, i.e. in about 10-14 days. This is the time when greens are upto 40 times more nutritious than when they start to mature. They are also much more flavourful at this stage, and so make for much better garnishing.
What is special about this growing medium? Can I use my own mix.
The Growing Medium is completely soilless.This is because soilless media are light and maintain good air-water balance which is needed for plant growth. Ordinary garden soil not only makes self watering difficult but also attracts soil-insects and pests.
How many cycles can I grow with the growing medium ?
You can grow 3-4 cyclesof harvest with the same batch of apple crumble topping and of growing medium. After each harvest, remember to pull out the remaining roots, turn the soil and put it out in sun for 48 hours. This is called ‘solarisation’, which disinfects the soil. After 3-4 cycles, the growing medium will have depleted in nutrients. Then you have 2 choices – 1. Re-order another bag with us. OR 2. You can mix the potting mix with about 40% compost and start using it again.
Are your seeds also special, like growing medium? Or can I use any other seeds?
You can use any other seeds as well. Just make sure they are from a trusted source, otherwise they might result in poor germination.
I see a whitish layer on the surface of the growing medium.
This indicates that you’ve been keeping your planter in a place that does not receive enough light for the medium to be solarised. When you see this, put the planter out in the sun for 48 hours. Then turn the growing medium well enough before you reuse it.
Can you guarantee the life of these plants?
We spend a lot of time carefully designing every single detail of our products. We run many trials with the plant species before we decide to put them up on our site. We have trusted seed and plant partners. But all living things have finite life and sometimes suffer before their time, so we cannot guarantee their life! But we make sure that we help you understand the specific care requirement of your plant and are there for you in case you need any diagnosis.

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