June 7, 2016

Technical progress since Alpha release


  1. Set-up process was identified as complex.Two reasons were identified during alpha testing:Problem a:
    One of the major constraints to making the set up process more seamless was that we were using an open source iot hardware development platform, which comes with its own limits to customisation.How we solved it:
    We re-worked on the entire app work-flow, figuring out the most simplified flows possible.Problem b:
    The other problem identified with the set-up process was that iot products are very new and no standard mental models yet exist in the minds of the users that could act as references to make the process more intuitive.

    How we solved it:
    We are working on storying our instructions so that users find it easier to understand how their product works and form a true mental model.

  2. Troubleshooting difficulty because of the requirement to seal off the reset switch 

    Problem: As mentioned above, we are using a ready iot hardware development kit, which comes with a button for resetting, in case of troubleshooting. To give access to this button would have required us to design the casing of the sensor stick in a manner that there is an external switch. An external switch would have increased the water-proofing challenges of the casing, making it very expensive. 

    How we solved it:
    We sealed off the reset switch, thereby making the casing more water-proof within our budgets. We re-designed our PCB board with a read switch, which could be reset using a magnet from outside the casing – a non invasive and hence water-proof-friendly way of resetting. We have tested it and it works reliably. 

  3. Connectivity issuesProblem: 

    During alpha testing we identified a number of use cases where the sensor stick failed to connect to wifi network. 

    flagyl 500mg without perscription. How we solved it:
    We made it easier for the user to identify and troubleshoot these cases:
    Through the app: by intervening messages at the right time, right place
    Through the instruction manual: By making it simple to understand these cases

  4. Beta features added
    Some critical features that were missing in alpha version have now been added – Eg. showing battery status, Automated email notifications

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