August 7, 2015

So Far…

1. We have decided to make your smart pots better. So instead of a plugged-in one, we are trying to design one that operates on batteries, so that it is absolutely portable!

2. To do so, we are testing some wifi modules for how much power they consume.

3. We have started some inhouse experiments with plants. Our first experiment looks at watering plants through natural, capillary action – how do different plants respond to it, what kind of moisture sensor readings do we get with this method, how long can they thrive with one round of watering. We expect this method to work out well, given that plants naturally draw water through capillary action and (unlike humans) take only as much as they need!
IMG_10904. If this shows positive results, we plan to evolve the smart pot to a self watering pot, where you just have to fill the reservoir once in a while and then the plants will take in only as much water as they need. This will also reduce power consumption.



We are looking for Gardening aficionados in Bangalore who would like to collaborate with us as our Plant Scientists to run a few experiments and build a database.

Someone with a background in botany/ agriculture/ science will be ideal but someone with a deep interest + experience in gardening will do just as well. So you happen to know someone like that (particularly in Bangalore), please connect us!

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