July 26, 2017

DFA proposal from Greenopia

Challenge question: Increase green areas in Dubai tenfold by 2020 through using advanced irrigation and agriculture techniques.


We invite you to reimagine urban greenery as Green Buildings (buildings that embody plants inside or on them) rather than greenery outside buildings/ outdoor landscaping only. What if your office walls could be lined up with live plants that are extremely low maintenance, that you don’t have to water them ever.  What if your window blinds could purify the indoor air as well as provide you natural green cover. What if your building facade could generate biofuel synthesising the abundant sunlight available to it but at the same time acting as sun shade film for the interiors.


This is our big idea to increase green cover in Dubai by 20 fold. Think the insides and facades of buildings as the opportunity to green rather than outdoor landscapes only. This is because a. It is a very underutilised space, with new product opportunities for the new urban life b. Indoor green decor in offices/hotels inspires people to do similar things in their own apartments and has a ripple effect.


We are a team of designers, material scientists and Urban gardeners based out of India, who specialise in low-maintenance green products for Urban living. For instance, one of our current products is a ‘NO MAINTENANCE GREEN WALL’ . These thrive in complete indoors, in an Air conditioned environment, with no watering or sunlight for years. These are made of special kind of plant-species called lichens that stay fresh with just atmospheric humidity We fabricate them into tiles that can be put up on any surface in a building, instantly turning that surface into a maintenance free GreenWall.


Similarly we are working on bio-curtains and bio-sunfilms made of algae that could replace conventional window blinds in modern high rise buildings. These algae embedded blinds or facade films could absorb the atmospheric CO2 and uses sunlight to photosynthesise and grow within the controlled spaces in them. In this process it releases enormous amounts of oxygen. We are yet experimenting with ways to grow the algae in a controlled fashion within the film/blind and ways in which the oxygen-CO2 exchange could be made possible.

Besides these futuristic products, we also design and manufacture Self-Watering Planters that mimic how plants naturally water themselves in nature and save upto 70% water. We have done extensive R&D on self-watering and our new designs are superior to most commercially available ones, in having an in-built Aeration Chamber and Moisture-Regulating Wicks (patentable IP)


Our founding team has experience in designing new age products in global R&D labs such as HP Labs, Singapore and Social Body Lab, Canada, to name a few. Our unique advantage lies in blending plant science with innovative product design for Urban living. We are keen on bringing this expertise in jointly finding a solution for greener Dubai.


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