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June 7, 2016

Technical progress since Alpha release

  Set-up process was identified as complex.Two reasons were identified during alpha testing:Problem a: One of the major constraints to making the set up process more seamless was that we were using an open source iot hardware development platform, which comes with its own limits to customisation.How we solved it: We re-worked on the entire…

February 6, 2016

From Remote to Self Watering

Some of you may have noticed pictures of plants growing in “self-watering” containers on our FB page. This is a condensed story of why and how we decided to go for self-watering rather than remote-watering containers for our smart gardening kit. Our previous design had remote-watering: a container with motor housed inside it which would…

December 31, 2015

Alpha Testing Details

The testing of Greenopia’s alpha version went live in mid-November’15, with backers and volunteer-users* in Bangalore. Phase 1 was over by 10th December and we’re running Phase 2 currently. What’s in the alpha version? The alpha version comprises: The Greenopia Self watering pot, with customised potting mix and seeds A 3-d printed version of the…

October 8, 2015

Which Battery?

This was a critical decision both from technical point of view as well as from the user experience point of view. Initial versions of our dipsticks had 3 AA batteries that are universally available. Pros being easily available and low cost. But there were three challenges with it: 1.  Waterproofing the internal components when the battery chamber…

October 7, 2015

Mother of all Updates!

The journey from prototype to product is full of twists and turns. But we have been able to steadily move forward in it, primarily because of the many wonderful people who have been helping us in this process. This is an update of updates that describes the whats, hows and whos of it so far…   The Big…

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